I build websites (but I don't design them). For over 15 years I've been building, updating and improving web and multimedia projects, everything from simple HTML websites to complex data driven sites. Along the way, I've forged some great working relationships with clients and also with the talented designers I've teamed up with.

The majority of the projects I work on involve content-rich sites that involve a combination of data-driven content, Javascript-based interactivity, and the use of content management tools to tie everything together. My concentration in recent years has focused on Drupal CMS, Wordpress, and the use of HTML/CSS/Javascript to code flexible, standards-based layouts that can adapt to multiple platforms. 

Each project is different in its own way and changes in technology means there is always something new to try. I enjoy creating solutions that help clients get the most out of their sites. 

What does SYP mean?

Sometimes I use Drupal, other times WordPress, and occasionally I'll build it from scratch (Just like the good old days). If I had to peg myself, I'd say I'm a Drupal based developer since that is the majority of my work these days. However, I'm just as comfortable with WordPress - not every site needs a full CMS and some clients really like the Wordpress interface. For some clients neither Drupal nor WordPress is the right solution and in those cases I'll build from scratch - either as a